Day 3 – New York City

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Day 3 – New York City

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3 August 2014

by Stacie -

As I've gotten older I've decided that life is about memories, it's up to you to make those memories whenever you can. I decided what better way to make some is to meet my dear uncles for their brief stay in NYC. I took a 6am train from Richmond to NYC on Sunday, met them at Penn station and the fun began!1 Getting to meet up with Jerry, Charmaine & Kevin B was icing on the cake and added to the fun! If there is one thing our family knows how to do right it's food, we love to enjoy new things and places and we surely did that with amazing meals. Taking in the sights we could from the Highline, The Women in Gold and the "old stuff" at The Met we made the most of every minute. Even when I left a 4:45am on Tuesday morning to head home I was sad, but also grateful to spend that amazing time with people I dearly love.

by Kevin -

Food carts, the soul of a city. Forget the big name restaurants (sorry Alex), nothing can compare to the simple street food in this city. Okay, so Seoul is pretty good too..but nothing is really like the NYC experience. We wandered though, if there might not be some sort of Falafel Syndicate that owns and operates most of these carts near the Met in the Upper East Side. Every picture of the food on the outside of the cart was exactly the same. Not a bad business model probably, but not too much creativity either. On an earlier visit, we explored Midtown and the Lower West side….not nearly as homogeneous.

The Day's Itinerary -

Neue Galerie

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Butter (Restaurant by Alex Guaranchelli)

Off-Broadway play - Ruthless


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August 13, 2015at 8:13 pm

Really enjoying your touring; love pics


August 13, 2015at 6:02 pm

Yum falafel! Glad your having such a great time.

Marlene Hohn

August 13, 2015at 4:56 pm

Enjoying reading about your adventures!!!! Have fun, fun, fun!!

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