You won't find a lot of fancy cocktails here. We both prefer the basics. Perhaps the occasional Old Fashioned or Manhattan. More often than not, you'll find us with a straight-up Scotch or Bourbon Whiskey, especially in the winter. As the weather warms, which, as you may know, can take a while in the Pacific Northwest, it's time to break out the Gin and Tonic and Margaritas. For Steven, a Bombay Sapphire Martini up with olives, very dry (just pass the bottle of vermouth over the glass and call it good) is a sure bet year-round. The slightest of celebrations, calls for a glass (or 3) of champagne.

Of course, few things go better with food than a good wine - any time of year! - so we'll have quite a bit to say about wine in the articles below as well as our aforementioned favorites.


  • An Oregon Beaujolais from Stoller
    Trying out Stoller’s newest, very limited release to club members; their 2015 Beaujolais-style Pinot Noir with Vietnamese beef stir fry. We’ll let you know how it goes, but the wine by itself is very drinkable as it is. I tasted the marinade for the beef, which is full of Szechuan peppercorns, and the wine…and believe it or not, this wine held up just fine. My tongue might be […]
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  • British Columbia, Canada, VancouverVancouver International Wine Festival – Vintners Brunch
    Sunday, the last day of the Vancouver Wine Festival. The highlight of the day, for us any way, is the Vintners Brunch. This event consists of 2 1/2 hours to make it through about 16 food courses, each with a wine pairing. The wines were from around the world, with concentration on Italy since it was the country focus this year. All the food was from various Vancouver Restaurants. Each course […]
  • British Columbia, Canada, VancouverVancouver International Wine Festival – Taste Italia!
    Taste Italia! Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016             Noon-2pm – Taste Italia! As the Italian’s say, a meal isn’t a meal without wine. Nothing could be closer to the truth than this. This event is was a must for the festival. Today’s Taste Italia! lunch, as you can imagine, is a celebration of the wines of Italy   We got there […]
  • Vancouver BC, WineVancouver International Wine Festival – Delta Lounge
    This post is from our friend and wine mentor, Pam Miller. It is the first of what we hope to many more posts from her in the future as we explore the world of wine together. Pam has been involved in the the Washington wine industry for many years, and an enthusiast for many more. She has also served on the Washington State Wine Commission through the Washington Wine Ambassador program. […]
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  • Vancouver BCVancouver International Wine Festival 2016
    It was a busy week for wine lovers in Vancouver, BC and we were quite happy to join in the fun…at least for the final weekend of festivities. We were turned-on to the Vancouver wine festival about a year ago by our columnist and friend, Pam Miller. She’s been attending these, along with a group of friends, for many years. This year’s focus was on the wines of Italy. The week is packed as […]
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  • Elgin, WhiskySingle Malt Scotch Food Pairings
    by Steven 21 February 2016   A few weeks ago, Kevin brought home a dozen oysters from our favorite purveyor, Taylor Shell Fish. It was a dozen of our preferred, Totten Virginica. We decided to break into them before dinner. I had already poured myself a dram of whisky (OK, so it may have been more than a dram!). When I got done shucking the oysters and starting slurping, I still had some […]
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