QM2 – Ship Photos

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DPF, Night, QM2

QM2 – Ship Photos

By Steven -

QM2 - 01 Cunard

Let's have a tour of the ship, shall we?

Here are a few shots from around the ship. Most are from embarkation day, but others throughout the voyage. I'll start with these from near the bow of the ship. Any guesses at to what these are? [David and Tony - no fair for you to guess, you should already know!]

QM2 - Day Bow Installation 2QM2 - Day Bow Installation 1

Here are some other random day-time shots-

UK - Back on Terra Firma
QM2 - Life At Sea




August 25, 2015at 4:15 pm

Just catching up! These are wonderful photos. These really show the magnitude of the ship and their rooms are so pristine. I want to go someday!


Marlene Hohn

August 16, 2015at 6:02 am

Great photos. Thank you!!!! I mostly remember the great staircase.
The chefs made anything we asked for. I remember a man at out table asked for apple pie.
They baked one for him, served him a piece, and sent the rest with him that evening.
Don’t forget to look for the Cheramoyas.



August 16, 2015at 4:41 am

This seems like a nice retirement cruise.for Dave and I. Beautiful ship and pictures aren’t so bad either! 😉



August 16, 2015at 3:59 am

Any sounds or feeling of motion? The place is huge, all very well done, even at 2:30 am.



    August 16, 2015at 4:13 pm

    Eric, a little pitch and roll but not too bad, quite gentle. What did surprise us was that you constantly feel and hear the vibration of the engines/prop/waves throughout the ship. Took a night to get used to but once off the ship it was odd to not have it.



August 16, 2015at 3:03 am

just awesome pictures, so much fun to see all these sights we will probably never see in person. Keep the pictures coming. Have fun!



August 16, 2015at 2:37 am

I give — what are those two gray things ?



August 16, 2015at 1:38 am

Loved the tour Steven.


Mom and Dad

August 15, 2015at 9:58 pm

Hey, You guys are doing great with the pictures and writing of the travel. And to think we gave up the QE 2 for a river boat on the Ganges Rives. Keep enjoying yourselves.
Love Mom and Dad

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