QM2 – Verrazzano Bridge

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QM2 – Verrazzano Bridge

by Steven - 

Here's a video I forgot to post earlier. This is as the ship passes under the Verrazzano Bridge as we leave New York. We clear by only a few feet. Fortunately the ship was specifically designed with this bridge in mind.


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August 17, 2015at 9:19 pm

Wish you could see the BIG smile on my face. Keep up the good work.



    August 17, 2015at 9:43 pm

    Sheila, glad you’re able to get logged on! we’ll try to Skype soon – internet here is pretty bad but will be in a different hotel/city tomorrow.



August 17, 2015at 3:16 pm

Really cool video !!!



August 17, 2015at 7:13 am

Great video!


Aunt Beverly

August 17, 2015at 12:20 am

I just heard QM2 on the news for a man overboard. That’s a pity.

Knowing you two, I’m sure you will adjust beautifully, if that is true, and if that causes a blip in the itinerary.

I sure like that you make the log-on so fool proof. I don’t even have to record the password somewhere. It’s hot in Agoura.

I have no idea what your HTML tags are talking about. I guess we’re from a different century.

I’ll look at the videos after I get my homework done.


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