Grilling: Gas vs Wood

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Grilling: Gas vs Wood


by Steven

24 May 2017

People occasionally ask us why we have both a gas (propane) grill and a charcoal/wood grill. The simple answer is that we can - we have enough room on our deck for both. The more complicated answer is that we simply enjoy the flexibility and options.

Which to use and when? It depends. The considerations being what we're cooking, what we want from the final flavor (smoked or not-smoked), the weather, and how much time we have for cooking. These aren't all the possible considerations, but they are the main ones we look at. 

Rather than reinvent the wheel here (or would it be re-discover fire?) I'll refer you to this article from The New York Times - Charcoal or Gas? Depends on What You’re Grilling

Happy grilling!

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May 30, 2017at 4:59 am

We always use charcoal…just love the flavor.

Beverly (Powell) Woolsey

May 26, 2017at 8:30 pm

I’m glad that you enjoy your cooking — that takes talent.

Love AB

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